It has been said that Life is the C between the B and the D.  B is birth, D is death, and C is the choices you make that create your life.  It’s what you do in the middle.   

What will you choose and create with your C?


This week, I choose to create Love.  

Love is a stress buster,  a mood lifter, and a compassion filter.  

 I will create love for myself in such a big way that it can’t help but bubble over to everyone around me and make the world a better place.  My small effort makes a difference. 

How does one create love?

 Love is created through gratitude. Gratitude is a Stress Buster.  Gratitude is the highest vibrating energy, so start there. How’s your gratitude list going?  Are you listing 1-5 things that went well each day before you sleep at night? Falling asleep with gratitude on your mind lets your subconscious work on that lovely emotion all night long.  

It changes the outlook of our life, dramatically reducing stress.  

Use it to create self-love by asking, “Where do I have value? What am I grateful for in myself?

Kindness is a Mood Lifter.  I choose to believe that kindness is possible in every situation.  Send the message, ‘You are welcome here.’ with your thoughts, words, and actions.  

In every situation, be kind.

Have you sent that welcome message to yourself lately? Create a feeling of welcoming yourself in loving kindness, and your mood will improve, naturally sharing that lift with those around you.

Acceptance is a Compassion Filter. Think of it like your furnace a/c filter or a rose-colored lens filter on your camera.  

In The Anatomy of Peace, we are challenged to look at people not as objects in our way, inconveniencing us, but as individuals of value.  Shifting your view of someone from object to individual will change the amount of love you create at that moment.  

As you interact with your child, your boss, or your friend, ask yourself- do I see them as a unique individual or as an object in my way? Try it in traffic. Seriously- it’s revolutionary! 

Seeing others as unique individuals on their own individual journeys is one of the best compassion filters. Use your compassion filter by asking yourself, 

‘Am I an individual of value?” (Of course, you are!)  “Do I deserve to be seen as unique and precious?” Remove anything that stands in the way of that belief.

If that belief is a struggle for you, Jody Moore recently talked about increasing your ‘belief ceiling.’  A simple daily practice where one takes a moment to consider “Could that be true?” and is willing to let it be true for a moment.  Practicing a new belief, much like learning and practicing when riding a bike, allows you to be tentative, comfortable, and ultimately, automatic in your new belief habit.  

Practice: I am valuable, unique and precious.  It may take a while, but you’ll come to see the truth in it, and the love you have created in that practice will flow out to make the world ever so much better!

 Friend, let the C between your B and D be a decision to choose love. 

All my love,


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