Oh my gosh! I made a mistake and it’s a calamity!  Did you see last week’s post? The word ‘because’ was where the word ‘becoming’ should have been! Eeeeeeeek!  It made no sense and looked so bad!

The things I send out should be perfect right? Wrong.  I’m not perfect.  You’re not perfect.  Why would what I write be perfect?

A Creator-based® life is a whole new way to view (and make) mistakes.

Mistakes can be our safety/pressure release valve.  Have you ever been so crazy busy and frazzled that you make dumb mistakes? That happens to me all the time.  I get all up in my head and start to stress.  Then I goof up.

When I goof up I generally have two options-  berate myself & admit defeat, or forgive in love and move forward. 

Could there be a third option? What if I saw that mistake as an opportunity to notice the speed at which I was moving, take a breath, and choose to restore my focus?

What if I chose to immediately focus on the mistake, deeply and singularly seeing it and then, course correct?  What if I stayed in that loving place and was grateful for the mistake that brought me back to the present?

Seriously, a mistake is a gift. It’s the perfect time to breathe, accept, and move forward on a better, singular path, a little more slowly and probably more sanely.

So, are mistakes catastrophic? Not usually.  Usually, they are a sweet reminder of our humanness, and a call to slow down a little, refocus, and be grateful.

Could you be grateful for that misspelled word or that fender bender? Even when it’s crazy and public?  Maybe.  Try it and see.

Here are the steps:

  • Recognize the Mistake
  • Grant yourself permission to be human 
  • Recognize you were unfocused
  • Be grateful for the reminder 
  • Become present, refocus (fix the mistake)and move forward again

Backward law #3 Slowing down allows us to do more.

That’s how we live a Creator-based® life, embracing one mistake at a time and creating something better from it.

Have an amazing week y’all!


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