Hi there, Friend! Your Creator-based® year has begun!
Last week we talked about how to feel that quiet closeness in decision making. This week I’d like to go a little deeper into it.
How do you decide when you have to make a big choice?
Consider beginning by clearly defining your choice, listing the pros and cons. You know, the stuff we have all been taught. But then, consider a three-point process using your:
  1. Heart
  2. Gut
  3. Mind/Trusted others
Your heart
Take some time and nourish your heart with your favorite wholesome approach. Heart nourishment comes from many areas but might include inspirational reading, great music, time in the outdoors or simply blowing off steam in physical activity. Whatever makes your heart quiet, centered and content is the right thing for you.
Your Gut
You know when you get the feeling in your gut that something is just wrong? That tight, maybe sinking feeling? It might be in your heart, your shoulders, or even your lower back. Your body knows the truth when it is presented. When things are true and good for you your body is naturally drawn to them and feels stronger. Think about that choice. What do you feel in your body when you consider it? If your chest and arms feel tight, and your gut sinks, it’s time to think again.
Your Mind- this also involves trusted friends and advisors
Weigh out the options in your mind. Do your research, make a list, talk to the people you trust. Your mind and the minds of those who care about you are such powerful assets! Take the time to talk it through, write it out, and really learn what you need to know. As you continue to get answers, see what your heart and your gut say. You’ll know.
When all is said and done, check in with your Creator. Find a quiet place and commune in openness and trust. Take your information, concerns, and excitement to this place.
You will know when your decision is correct because it will follow the 5 C’s- You may feel
• Calm
• Confident
• Clear
• Curious
• Compassionate
These are the feelings that originate from your creator self a.k.a., your centered self, your soul, your highest self.
Finally, don’t let fear get in the way. Human brains are designed to keep us safe, and as such will come up with all kinds of scary stories to keep you from perceived change. When scary thoughts come up, ask yourself-
  1. Is this kind?
  2. Is this true?
  3. Is this helpful

    Usually, it’s just a scary story- not. helpful.
Here’s to moving forward with Creator-based® Confidence in your confirmed choice, and making great decisions!
All my love,


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