As we begin another year, everyone is all a buzz about New Year’s resolutions and goals.  But how do you know if they are the right resolutions for you?

Enter Creator-based® Closeness, also known as Spirit-led listening.

Some people call creator-based® closeness communion with their Creator, prayer, or meditation, but it is that physical and emotional state of stillness and communion with the infinite flow of Life.

For me, it feels like a warm, sunny, quiet beach with the sound of the surf and the gulls and nary a care in the world.  Peace. Contentment. Goodness. Bliss.  One.Happy.Heart.

It’s wonderful.

How does one create closeness of this kind? How do we become Spirit-led listeners?

All creation and life are interconnected and reflect the love of our Creator.  When we pause to appreciate that work, we will feel close.  Slowing down and feeling is key.  Your body is an amplifier of feelings- be they emotional or physical.  Listen to it.

Three little projects for you to consider:

  1. Listen to the laugh of a child or a loved one. Stop what you’re doing and listen with your whole self.  Close your eyes.  Be still. Let your breath regulate and deepen. Listen with your heart.  What does hearing that delightful laugh feel like in your body? Where do you feel it? What’s happening in your mind? Your head?  Check-in on those feelings too.  Write your experience.  The act of writing will integrate it and help you move forward.
  2. Savor a piece of fine chocolate or another of your favorite foods. A commonly taught mindfulness meditation is ‘The 5-minute Raisin’.  Taking a full 5 minutes to eat a raisin will change your view on this little fruit forever.  Try it.  It will stretch and magnify your ability to be quietly led in creating closeness to your world and with your Creator.
  3. Look up at the sky in the middle of the workday.  As you’re appreciating the beauty overhead, feel the bottoms of your feet supported by our amazing earth.  Then, considering the support you receive from the earth, take a deep breath and marvel at your lungs and their ease of use. Enjoy a few more breaths, and note the new state that comes. Using these 3 awarenesses sequentially will settle and slow you to feel the closeness and comfort of Spirit-led listening.

Once you slow down and engage both your physical and emotional feeling senses, you can note how your heart is doing.  Consider that in light of your plans for 2022.  Review that New Year’s list.  How does it feel?  Your heart will tell you if you’re on the right track with those resolutions and goals.  Does it feel open, excited, and happy? Does it feel constricted, heavy, and stressed?

A little stressful anticipation is just fine, but a heavy heart is not.  Listen to your body.  It is a gift to you and will guide you right as you establish closeness with your Creator.  Develop the Creator-based® conversation skills needed for Spirit-led listening and bask in your closeness regularly.

Creator-based® closeness, a key to good decision-making!

Here’s to great beginnings and a wonderful 2022.


Certified Master Life Coach for
CMH Coaching for Life
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