What would it look like in your life if you were simply content with what you were doing and where you were each day? With an outlook like that, you could move through the world virtually stress-free!. Wow, that sounds wonderful!

To me, it sounds like preschool, and the time I spent in the sandbox when I was 3.  The sandbox was my safe place.  It was a place I could be whomever I wanted to be and feel completely whole.  That changed when I started leaving the house regularly to attend kindergarten.  

Contentment sounds so good! But, does the idea of feeling content worry you a little?  

Does it feel like you might not accomplish anything if you didn’t have the ‘drive of discontentment’?

What would like look like to 

not to feel worried, 

not to think we are lacking in some way and simply feel content?

How does one create contentment, anyway?

Contentment comes from a combination of faith and trust.

Deep contentment comes in knowing your purpose and pursuing it. 

There is a solidness that comes into your life when you find your divine purpose and

and driven by the passion that brings.

We begin to stop comparing ourselves with others.  

You see, it was in kindergarten that I first learned comparison.

Patra Haynes made better gold-painted macaroni Christmas plates than I did.

Matt Hart was faster in playing Duck, Duck Goose.

Dawn Romanowski was sweeter and kinder than I. 

They were all “better than” me.

Soon, I felt like a less than capable 4 year old and needed to keep myself driven to excel and careful around others lest I be ‘chopped down to size’ when I felt ‘overly confident’.  

I wonder what 4 year old me would have felt if she had understood that her unique gifts and passions were perfect for her little light in the world. 

I wonder what 4 year old me would have felt, had she had faith and trusted in her gifts.

I bet she would have felt content.

I bet she would have been kinder.

I bet she would have been better at making gold-sprayed macaroni plates.

I bet she might have even been a little less reluctant at Duck, Duck Goose.

You have been sent here for a purpose. 

You have specific gifts and talents for that purpose.

Only you can be you.  No one can do it better.

Have faith, and trust in that.  Contentment will come.  

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