Ahhhhh, the big holiday rush is over.  It’s quiet.  Time for a lovely cup of tea and time to sit down, rest and ponder.  But wait!  My busy brain steps in….The New Year is right around the corner, and there are decisions to be made! What will 2022 be like for me? What do I want to accomplish, be or do?

Sometimes I wish I had a telescope that could gaze into the future.  This is usually the case when I am challenged by a situation and trying to make a decision. (Like resolutions…)  I don’t want the discomfort and perceived risk of not knowing. 

Has that ever happened to you?

Decision-making can be fraught with challenges, not the least of which is brain freeze and overload.  But friend, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s talk about a Creator-based® approach to challenges.

In a Creator-based® world a challenge is a gift, an opportunity if you will.  As a creator, every challenge presents an opportunity for learning and growth. The ‘challenge’ for you then, is will you approach the opportunity as a victim or as a creator?

So often I can get overloaded and fall into feeling like a victim of circumstance.  But that simply is not true.  I create my circumstances and my life.  We all do.  In every moment I have the opportunity to choose how I will respond to the world around me.  My ability to choose is a fundamental and infinitely valuable gift from my Creator.

Let’s talk about the discomfort of not knowing and also staying in a creator mindset as you encounter challenges.  A few ideas to play with as you begin the transition to 2022…

1.  Nourish your soul with the same amazing care you give to nourishing your body. (more on exercise later) I know we’re coming out of the season of treats.  Have you given your soul a treat this season as well?  Have you fed her with deep nourishment from your soul-filling reading, watching or relationship connections?  She needs that just like your physical body needs good food daily.  Take time to nourish your soul every day.  It will help you come from a place of Creator-based® power when challenges arise.

2. Make a plan and let it go, or simply don’t hold onto it too tightly. We all love to feel like we are in control, but ultimately the only thing we have control of is our response in the present moment.  So, make your plans.  They’re important.  But when your plans change, choose your response in a loving, creative way.  Trust.  It will all work out.

3. Humor is always a good idea! When all else fails, choose to laugh.  Laughter releases calming healing hormones and really does make everything better. Go ahead- have a good giggle.

So make your plans.

See your challenges as the gift that they are.

Create your world one plan and one alternative response at a time.

You’ve got this friend!



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