Just as we can create good in our lives, we can also create situations that are really, truly, not so good.  Take your very creative, story telling, inner critic.  Has she been active lately?  The holidays are a time when my critic really gets going.

How do you calm your inner critic?

My first ‘go to’ is prayer.  In meditation I connect with my Creator knowing that all the love and answers I need are found there.  I receive comfort and constructive guidance through my Creator on the regular.

Second:  Try bringing in experiences that create light in your life like:

Spending time with people that love you; on the phone, text, social media, or gasp- live!

Or, spend time with good supportive friends who see you for who you are

Third: Consider prayerfully releasing the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that fuel that old pattern of criticism.  I train people to do that in my practice for free- just schedule an Emotion Code session.

Fourth: Reading things that nourish your soul and make your stronger.  I love Mark Nero’s The Book of Awakening, Emily Belle Freeman’s The Promise of Enough, and of course, my go to Holy Scriptures.  All these things help to bring you into alignment with your Creator.

Choose to take daily quiet time to cleanse, nourish and heal.  For me this looks like cleansing through yoga, nourishing through reading and healing by communing with my Creator and writing what I learn.

Fifth: When the critical thoughts get loud and unwieldy, listen and respond kindly and with gratitude.  Remember, gratitude is your super power.

Sixth: Serve and help others– it is serving and helping that you really open the door to learning.  They lift your heart and connect you to your maker.

But what about when my inner critic is really active?  Remember the R’s- rrrrrrrr!

Recognize that she is simply trying to keep you safe.

Remember there is only one you and you are perfectly created and whole as God made you, right here, right now.

Return to an earlier peaceful state- time travel back to the last time you felt good.

Realign yourself with your Creator through good music, reading something that connects you, or serving someone

Resistance is futile- resistance makes it worse.  Love will make it better. Let go.

Simply love that part of you that is trying so desperately to make your life better.  Thank her, comfort her, assure her that you are capable and creatively acting and carrying out your life plan, and that you’ve got this.  Remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be, learning and growing at your perfect pace.

This is a tall order y’all- so JUST CHOOSE ONE thing to work on this week.  There’s a lot on your plate right now, but you can do this.  And the one thing you choose will make all the difference.


Here’s to a joyful creative holiday season!


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