Why is it some of us give a shout of encouragement, praise or joy that the holidays are coming, and others groan in expectation of more weight on their shoulders, (hips and thighs) and more demands on their overstretched time-budget?

Which one are you?  Maybe a mix, like me.

Do you dread the holidays? Is it just one more thing that you have to do, buy or attend? It’s okay.  You’re not alone.  We’ve all been there.

Maybe your holiday expectations are a mix of happy and crazy and sad and overwhelm.  Most of us have mixed emotions about the holiday season, and would love to feel better about it.  I mean, we always appreciate incremental improvement, right?

So let’s put our Creator-based® hats on and create some cheer.

How would you like to feel during the upcoming holidays?  Happy? Peaceful? Joy? Feeling stable, appreciated, loved?  Yeah, we all do.  We want to feel that way every day, it’s simply magnified at the holidays.

So, how do we magnify the peace, joy, and abundant feelings in the next 6 weeks and into the new year?  

You get what you expect to have.

If you expect the holiday season to be hard it will be hard. 

Our brains seek to make our expectations real. 

Now I’m not saying that simply positive thinking will fix everything, we do live 50/50 lives. But I am saying our expectations are fulfilled on the daily.  

Our life produces what our thoughts are focused on.  

Expecting good brings a whole lot more good into our lives than expecting otherwise.

Expect goodness.

Expect abundance.

Expect to see God in your life.

Expect light and love and joy-

You will see more of what you expect.

You are the creator of your thoughts.  

You are in the drivers seat of your life.

Want more holiday cheer this year?

Change your thoughts about what’s coming.

Consider using these in conversation and see what happens.  

Spoken or written words have amazing power.

“I love the way people are a little kinder during the holidays.”

“I love the lights at this time of year.  They lift my heart.”

The abundance of love I feel poured out makes me want to help others.”

“Life is so good!”

We are so blessed.  

Own it and say it out loud.  It’s okay, you won’t jinx it.

We have food to eat, shelter and warmth, safety and people who love us.  What more is there but to serve, share and help others have the same?

Stay present.

Expect goodness.

Share the love.

Let’s spread some holiday cheer in our conversation and actions and watch the goodness flow right back to us and the ones we love.


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