It’s ‘Next Chapter November’ this month! 
November is one of my favorite months.
It sets the stage for our holidays and the shiny, fresh chapters that will begin our upcoming, new year.
The question is “What will your next life chapter be titled?”
What can you or I create in our life this November and December to have a joyful, relaxing and satisfying season, setting ourselves up for that shiny new year? 
The change of autumn and beginning of the resting season of winter is the perfect time to regroup, reexamine and replace old broken things.
Friend, what’s broken that you would want to replace?
For me, there are broken places in my heart that need mending, broken opinions of others that need revamping and broken habits that need recalibrating.  
Broken places in the heart
Hearts mend best when given plenty of nourishment and kind, loving attention. My heart responds to encouraging words (yes, I talk to myself), long quiet compassion sessions, and forgiving conversation. Those things cleanse and heal me. My November title for this chapter would be “Broken Things to Mend.”
Broken opinions of others
Remember when you played in the sandbox as a kid and someone threw sand at you? Miserable, right? Well, sometimes we hold onto some of that dirt when it is thrown at us. Thistles and briars love the sandy dirt. They sprout and encumber our soul. When weeding out thistles and briar opinions, the following thoughts can help-
“She did the best that she could with what she had”
“She was in pain and didn’t realize that what she said would hurt like that.”
Or my personal favorite, “Bless her heart!” 
Pull those briars up and burn em! This chapter title would be
“Briar Bonfire- in radical forgiveness, I am the one that wins.”
Finally, Broken Habits to recalibrate
I love to be “lazy”. It feels so good to sleep in, lounge around and eat whenever I want to.  Lazy can be refreshing, but let that laziness hang around long enough and pretty soon laziness feels aimless and a little depressing, like I don’t remember how to do life anymore.  
Hence- habit recalibration.  The answer is simple. 
Choose one habit you’d like in your life and do a small thing towards it every day. It can be just 2 minutes. Just one habit. Just one thing. Don’t do more than that. Do it for a few weeks and you’ll be back on track. You’ll see- action loves and creates more action. This chapter title would be “Renew, Restore, Rezoom!”
Any of these chapter headings resonate with you?
Broken Things to Mend
Briar Bonfire- Radical Forgiveness, I am the one that wins.
Renew, Restore, Rezoom!
If not, that’s okay. Your chapter heading will come to you.  
Maybe it’s simply, Next Chapter November,
and letting what shows up this month delight you.
Here’s to creating an astounding next chapter.
Let yourself be surprised and delighted.
Have an amazing week, friend!


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