Creator-based® Connectors

Do you know a Creator-based® Connector?

Connectors go through life as the “lucky ones” who seem to get all the breaks.

When you talk with a connector, you realize that even though they look ordinary, they are different; distinctive even.

Connectors see things differently.  Some may be empathic, some may have other gifts; a gift of understanding, presence or optimism.

You know them.  They’re the people you feel led to sit by because it feels so good.  You know you will feel better when you are with a connector.

Connectors expect good things. You might hear them say,

It will all work out in the end.”

“What’s the lesson in this?”

“This is so great because….”

“Wow! I never saw this before, but this is actually good because….”

To connectors it all seems so simple.  Keep your thoughts on what you intend to create and expect good things to come.

Connectors expect a life that is divinely orchestrated for their good. They allow life to teach them all they came here to learn and to provide the opportunities for them to share that knowledge and help others.

Connectors Create.  They create it all with their expectation. 

They create a filter that sees the good by expecting things to go well.

Connectors seek out and build relationships.

Connectors find the good in every situation, because they ‘see it as it really is’.

Connectors live in a state of appreciation and bewilderment at all the good life brings them.

So, friend, how can you create that connector attitude in your life? How can you become a Creator-based® Connector?

I’ll give you a first step.

–  Practice really seeing your life as you move through it.

– Slow down and pay attention.  I know, you’re laughing at me right now- I know you’re crazy busy, but it’s a backwards law.

–  If you slow down, you actually accomplish more.  Just try it for a week.

– Make a commitment to be more mindful and focused on the individual tasks you move through in your day.

– It’s the wildest thing, but paying attention by moving in a slower focused, flow really does accomplish more- even with kids! Try it this week and tell me how it goes.


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