Did you get an unexpected message from me last week? It was our first Monday Morning Inspiration, and silly me, I forgot to title it! I bet you wondered what I was doing.
Welcome to our first OFFICIAL Monday Morning Inspiration!
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Courage is a heart word.

From the Latin root ‘cor’, meaning heart, in one of its earliest forms,

courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

There is real vulnerability in revealing your heart, isn’t there?

I mean what if it isn’t what the other guy wants to hear? What if they’re mean, offended or belittling and amused?

Enter Creator-based® Courage.

First, remember you are the creator of your life.

You are not the victim of circumstance.

The response they are having is not about you.

Their response tells you all about them.

Look at the person you’re speaking with.

Note their body language and facial expressions.

Step out of self contained fear.

Other’s physical manifestations reflect their beliefs, experiences, hurts or successes.  They tell you all about them. 

Their response has no effect on your worth at all, my friend. You are free to share your heart authentically and create exactly the experience you want to have.  You have so much to contribute to this world!  

Ground your feet, breathe deep, & learn all about the person to whom you speak. 

You are Courageously Creating.

A wise soul once reminded me; it’s not about you.

Our fears do not understand the power of courage.

Learn from them, and allow yourself to focus outside of yourself, creating the life your Creator has for you and sharing it to benefit us all.

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