For less than a cup of coffee a day you can h ave access to your own personal  Master Life Coach!

Hi there, it’s me, Beth from CMH Coaching for Life. I want to personally reach out and invite you to our exclusive Creator-based® Group Experience.

For a limited number of lucky women, Monday Morning will bring an invigorating Creator-based® Coaching topic from me, filled with  characteristic hope and challenge for growth. With the post will come a supporting document that you can use as a handy reminder through the coming week; a challenge, a support, an enlivening opportunity to make this week better than the last.

Each month will bring a new principle of CBC®. Post by post, you will be taught, supported and coached into your one, awesome, amazing, perfect, Creator-based® life. Then, as a group, we will support one another   confidentially, safely, lovingly- as we practice the principles we know will make us happier, healthier and more productive.

Groups are small, 25 or less.  Privacy is imperitive. We begin January 2022 and will work through the principles all year long.

Want this coming year to be a year of creatively being alive, healthy and happy? Join us!

Question? Post it on the Facebook group.

Challenges? Post them on the Facebook group.

Weaknesses that need strength? Post it….we’ll help.

We’ll be there for each other, learning and applying the principles of Creator-based Coaching®, becoming better day by day- for less than your cup of Starbucks! How about that? Won’t you join us in a nourishing self-coaching community? Create your one, awesome, amazing, perfect life starting today!

The Creator-based® Group Experience.

Invigorating Inspiration that lasts all week.

Starbucks for your Soul.