Joy and humor open our hearts to growth

I know you are probably very familiar with your Creator-based® Critic.

You have created him or her. 

Everybody has one.  

She can be rude, scary, and loud.


She is an internal moderator, 

the voice that points out your less than stellar performance, or the flaws in your work.  

Your inner critic is a fierce protector.  

She is there to keep you safe, happy, and comfortable, but she is not always very nice.  

She can sometimes be downright mean, and that makes it hard.


This week let’s consider the proper care and feeding of an inner critic.


Most of you are familiar with Creator-based® Coaching.  

It is an entirely new approach to being creatively alive, healthy and happy.  

Of the 5 tenets, tenet number two of CBC® is 


“You have within you light and truth, all the power needed to grow and progress.” 


You are created for success. 

It’s all in there, promise.


Your inner critic wants you to succeed. 

The problem is that she is less educated than the person you are today.  

She doesn’t have the tools or experience you do, 

and she only sings one tune, “You’re doing it wrong.”


Desire wanes with an active inner critic.

Inner critic warning sirens go off with any perceived risk. 

Trying something new, teaching or leading, will bring out her loud, warning voice.

Judging ourselves for not feeling happy- even shaming ourselves, is an inner critic voice- “I should be better/happier/more successful by now”. 

She will even criticize you for being over-sensitive to criticism!



Consider this, sister- 


The lens through which we judge ourselves 

is the same lens through which we will consider others and the world.  


If you feel like the world is cold and heartless, it’s time for a bit of self-love & inner critic calm.


How is the world different because you are here?  (It is, and it’s better.)

How will it be different 50-100 years from now because you were here?  (It will.)

What do you model for those around you? (You do, and it’s good.)


Make a positive asset list.  Where are you strong, talented, contributing?

Which positive asset do you want to practice with and strengthen? 

How, when, and where will you begin?  Studies show that adding a where dramatically increases the possibility that you will do it.  Add a where.


Give the world some service- be kind to yourself.  


Work your improvement plan. Take care of yourself. 

Love your inner critic and reassure her that you will both be okay.  

Give gratitude for her protection and an added measure of love.

The more love you can give to yourself, the more love you can give to others.


Ways to Improve Self-love and Soothe your Inner Critic 


Consider your “I am” statements. When you notice the words after “I am” are unkind, change them to reflect the person you want to be.  For example, consider this inner critic verbiage I hear often. “I am impulsive, short-tempered, and impatient. Thoughtless!” When my inner critic says that, it doesn’t feel good!   


I choose to reframe that self-statement  to 

“I am thoughtful, growing, and improving my patience.”  

I really do have a patience practice, ya’ll.  This statement gives me hope.


Stay centered in your Creator.  Work hard, but take time to rest and let your Creator pull for a bit.  Fatigue is the enemy of us all. You can trust your Creator to help.


Observe and practice acceptance, impartial interest, and curiosity.  When your inner critic steps up to bat, take a deep breath and watch her like you would watch a hot air balloon on a clear, early morning lift-off.  Wonder, consider, impartially observe.  Wow! That’s something!  Lighten up and enjoy. This approach will allow you to see the falsehood she is speaking and feel the truth.


Finally, learn to love the process instead of the goal.  Consider this phrase as you move forward in your life, 


“I will do my best, and it will be enough.”  

Your best is always enough.  

You were created for joy.

Just keep going and practice love.  



Love yourself.

Love your neighbor.

Love your inner critic and thank her.

Then, love some more.


Life is good.  We can lighten up.

Joy and humor open our hearts to growth.

You have everything within you need to create an amazing life.

Let’s play and create his week!


All my love,