Let's find the deliciousness of the unknown together

Is there anything you feel utterly, completely, and wholly dedicated to in your life? 

For me, that is my God, my husband and family, and my practice of helping, teaching, and coaching others. My commitment list also includes creature comforts: avoiding pain, using air conditioning, things that smell good, a soft bed, and good food…   I am still somewhat of a hedonist. Guilty as charged. 

What wholehearted commitment calls to you in your life? 

Maybe it’s good chocolate, but I bet there’s more.

Do you feel called to art, music, development, youth, or a social group? 

Is there something you are wholly and utterly committed to? 

Take some time, do a brain dump and create a list. 

What matters to you? Write it down.

It will surprise you just how committed you already are.

While sitting in church, feeling the love of God and the peaceful goodness that comes from the spirits of those around me in the congregation, the Spirit eased a fear that had been on my heart that, as yet, I had felt but been unable to articulate. 

That’s the amazing thing about our Creator. 

Our Creator often knows what’s on our hearts before we do.

In hindsight, I realized that I had worried that my clients would stop wanting to talk to me and that I would be left alone. Doesn’t that sound like a 7th-grade worry? The kids won’t like me? Maybe it’s because I recently increased my rates or worried that I didn’t bring enough energy and current information (FOMO) or wasn’t skilled enough or dynamic enough for our sessions.

Maybe it’s just that old familiar tune of “not good enough.”

Who knows, but that fear was there.

Wherever that fearful thought originated, it weighed me down and impacted my energy and attitude. It had even subtly shifted the way I visited with clients because it ran like an undertow in our talks. Even though I received affirmation and spiritual confirmation while working with these beautiful, faith-filled people, the undertow of fear was still like a dragging weight, holding me back.

Sunday, while basking in the quiet, albeit fleeting, Sabbath bliss, the Spirit kindly and quietly asked me, “In a worst-case scenario, what would you do with no one left to coach in your practice?”

My spirit connected with an answer that was immediate and sure. I knew. 

I would keep reaching out, creating programs, writing, and encouraging whoever saw me. My heart was sure of it. It brings me such joy. It’s what I do.

That illuminating moment of affirmation and understanding lifted the burden and flushed the fear from my soul. It felt so good! 

This is who I am. 

This is my heart-felt calling- to help my Creator gather His children by shining a beacon of light and hope into the storms and darkness of those who suffer. 

(And girlfriend, we all suffer, right?)

If need be, I could do that alone as long as I am aligned in my Creator-based® Life. 

However, since universally, we are drawn to light, I doubt there will be a circumstance where any of us light-bringers are entirely alone. 

What is your heart calling you to do?

We are family, children of light, destined to be together. 

This was just another false fear. 

Creators are destined to be in community, and I, for one, am so glad you are here.

So, my fellow light-hearted friend, I ask, 

What does your Creator-based® Commitment look like? 

We are different by design. 

Your offering will be complementary and different from your neighbor’s and mine. 

And that’s exactly the way it is supposed to be. 

What will YOU create today?

I can’t wait to see!

All my Love,