Creator-based® Cisterns 


The iconic Basilica Cistern in Istanbul.  


Cisterns are designed to hold water, whether they be as large as the Basilica Cistern which holds almost  75,000 gallons, or as small as the 5 gallon bucket that catches and holds water to nurture life in my garden.  

Cisterns hold water for future use.  

That water brings life to all around them.

They have a flow in for collection.

They have a flow out to serve the community and the homes nearby.


Our personal cisterns may be collections of memories, relationships, habits, or accumulations of actual stuff.  I have a cistern system of morning study and meditation that adds light and energy to my days, a collection cistern of plastic farm animal toys for my grandkids (almost full), an ever-evolving cistern of relationships for which I am so grateful, and an iTunes playlist cistern that’s quite large and somewhat stagnant.

Consider the cisterns in your life.

Are they clear and beautifully created like the Basilica?

Are they stagnant, overgrown with algae and slime, like my poor, ignored, garden bucket?

How much time and effort is invested in them?

Our lives are designed to flow.  

We have energy coming in, and energy going out.

It’s ever-present and abundant.

3 principles for creating a clear cistern:

1. Acceptance (the gates gotta be open for water to flow in and out)

2. Movement (if it’s stagnant it stinks)

3. Gratitude (it brings life and makes everything greener)

When times get hard, we tend to hole up and stop.  We draw inward and are still.  For a little while that introspection can be good for healing, but friend, eventually ya gotta get up and open the gate. Let the water flow in and then, share it around as you let it flow out.

What habits do you have for Acceptance, Movement or Gratitude?

Are they maintaining your cisterns in the way you’d like?

Are any of them in need of renewal? Do you need a new one?


Small, simple actions can create big changes.

Create your own clear cistern this week- 

Life-bringing, moving, and full of gratitude.

Just pick one.  I think I’m gonna go clean out the garden bucket.

We will both be glad we did!

All my Love,