She’s really not very nice…

But ya know that mean girl inside your head?

She says you’re doing it wrong.

She says you’re not good enough.

She says there’s not enough time.

Seriously, what’s up with that? Is she just there to undermine your confidence and make you feel small? It can feel that way.

Enter Creator-based® Confidence.

When that mean girl in your head shrieks, believe it or not, she is trying to help.

She is an earlier you, younger and not nearly as smart or capable as you are today.

And she is afraid.

She wants to protect you, and knows no other way than to warn, criticize and deride.

But there’s a simple fix.

Become Creatively Confident by Coaching your poor, tired mean girl.

Step into your role of Creator. Talk to her with the wisdom and experience you have today. You’re smart, creative and compassionate. You’re ready to coach her.

Explain to her that you love that she is trying to help, but you know you’re competent and moving in the right direction, and you’ve got this.

Thank her for her service, and sending her loads of love, kindly dismiss her without further argument.

Remember to be grateful. You’re creating what you’re thinking.

And that’s really FANTASTIC.