Guided Mastermind Groups

Guided Mastermind Groups are between 3 and 8 people working with two coaches.

Mastermind members are matched in their groups according to current circumstances, challenges, and goals.

In a Guided Mastermind Group, you learn the tools of the Creator-based® Way to create your life and goals together, supporting one another.

Your goal, as you learn the tools, is to build friendships, camaraderie, and support so you outgrow your coach and, as a group of friends, move on together!

Mastermind memberships also include unlimited access to the 50/50 Girl Club and  2 Coach n Clear Sessions monthly.  Sessions can be gifted and will accrue for as long as your subscription is active.  Accrue enough sessions, and you can have a coaching session with just friends and family!

Our coaches will lead you through the trademarked Creator-based® Coaching steps of Coach, Clear, and Create.

We coach, spending time talking about what is happening in your life, offering cognitive coaching, and teaching new tools and approaches that will help with your progress.

The second step is to clear.  Using our clearing tools like Inner Imagery, Energy Work, Meditation with a goal, Aroma Freedom Technique, and more.  We will help you clear the emotional baggage standing in the way of your Hero’s Journey.

Finally, at the end of each session, we will create. This is your time to dream, set your next steps, and make a plan for what to do until we meet again.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Subscriptions- $139 a month

Two Mastermind sessions monthly, 2 Coach n Clear Sessions monthly, 50/50 Girl Club membership with its weekly live training, fun workshops…Sessions accrue and never expire as long as your subscription is active, and they are giftable!

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