Come learn the secret of personal power in a Creator-based® Mastermind Group!

This is the second year of Mastermind here at CMH Coaching, and I can tell you the women that have come have found themselves freer, more confident, and with renewed power in their lives. They have achieved beyond their goals- and learned to be truly happy in the Creator-based® Way.

What is a Mastermind Group, you ask?

Guided Mastermind Groups are between 3 and 8 people working with two coaches. Here, you receive the tools of the Creator-based® Way and create your life and goals together, supporting one another.

Life feels easier.  You feel stronger.  Things are clearer.

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In our tiered system, Mastermind memberships also include unlimited access to the 50/50 Girl Club and all of the Coach n Clear Sessions you’d like to attend each month.

The friendships you create in a mastermind group can last a lifetime.  We learn together, work together and support one another as we reach our goals and dreams- together. 

Some masterminds can cost as much as $10,000! But we want everyone to have a chance to experience the power of a group in achieving their goals. Your YouWeek Discount means your 

Subscription is only $139 a month

Two Mastermind sessions monthly, Coach n Clear Sessions weekly, and the  50/50 Girl Club membership with its weekly live training, fun workshops... all for one low price, but only while You Week lasts.

Click the link above to join us.  You’ll be glad you did!

Embark on your Hero’s Journey

Create your one, awesome, amazing, perfect life.

Let today be your first day of adventure!