What is Coach n Clear?

Thanks for asking about Coach n Clear, a way to affordably get coaching that will change your life!

Here’s how a session works:

  • Step one: Coach. In a Coach n Clear session, we will spend a few minutes offering training and tools in the Creator-based Way.  It may be cognitive coaching, life principles, or stress and anxiety relief, among others.  We talk about the needs of those present and help individually and collectively.

  • Step two: Clear We want to get rid of whatever is standing in the way of your best life. This could be emotional, thought or belief-based, or past/current stresses.  We will clear using the energy techniques of inner imagery, meditation with a goal, connection with your Creator, or magnets over meridians. We talk about the techniques the group is comfortable with a tailor each session personally.

  • Step three: Create   Here you have the opportunity to journal the impressions you had in the session and discuss them with others.  Answering questions and visiting together, we bask in the afterglow and talk about action plans moving forward.

Since your Coach n Clear session will be held every week, you have regular support for your goals and in your Creator-based® Life.

  • A Coach n Clear Session may have 3 people or 50 people in attendance.  It is held on Zoom and you can join with or without video and your microphone.  Whatever your comfort level, you are welcome.  Just come, enjoy the clearing and the group and create your one, awesome, amazing life with us!

Try a free 30 day trial on us- that’s 4-5 Coach n Clear Sessions, free for you!