What is a Flash Session?


My love, my joy, is taking care of you. I’ll spend the time, review your notes, and do the emotional release, so you can have the warm blanket of being cared for. You can have the weekly reset to stay on track without the time constraints.

In your flash session we will do a deep dive for you into the energies, thought processes and energetic beliefs that are standing in your way, just ready to be processed and released from your life. These things affect us spiritually, mentally and physically. As they are released, you may feel lighter, more optimistic and more energetic.

The best thing about flash sessions is, we will do all the work for you! At your appointed session time, You can read the session report and/or visit with your coach for 15-20 minutes. Whatever works best for you works for us.

Here’s how it works:

1. Send in a text, email or your google doc the things you would like to
have worked on.

2. Your Master Coach will review your notes, test through and locate any
imbalances ad then do the emotional release for you.

3. She’ll create a report to share with you while she is working and will
make it available to you online or in an email. You have the additional
option with these sessions to schedule a short visit and she will review the
notes with you, offering her coaching expertise.