Creating True Rest through Creator-based® Sleep

An incremental program of creation and growth

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path to an Amazing Night’s Sleep

Setting the Stage for Sleep

The way you choose to live your days creates the sleep you experience at night.

Tools for Great Rest

What you do when you wake up at 2am really matters.  Let’s get some good things going.


Are you a struggling sleeper? Take the quiz and find out.

How does self-care impact sleep? Take the quiz and find out.

Do you already sleep like a baby? Take the quiz and get even more inspired!

Online Creator-based® Resources

Coach n Clear Training Workshop

Join Jaycine, Jenn and Beth and learn about the incredible opportunity in Coach n Clear.  Bring your problems (sleep included) and leave lighter and ready to progress!

Weekly Online Live Coaching

Live coach training, a warehouse full of workshops and inspiration all in one place- the 50/50 Girl Club.  Apply to join the private group on Facebook. It’s free!

Listen to the Podcast

Every week a new way to create the life you love, the life you’ve always wanted.  Join us on A Creator-based® Life.

Create a life you love; a life you can’t wait to get up to in the morning- after an AMAZING Night’s Sleep.

At CMH Coaching for Life we have a mission to flood the world with Compassion, Mindfulness and Hope. CMH!

Using The Creator-based® Way, we can help you create that self-compassion and awareness that will bring hope back into your life.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Create the Life You Love Starting Today!          (and sleep well along the way.)