CMH Group Coaching;

Community and connection curated just for you.


This is where you belong.

Step into a supportive environment and discover the magic of emotional healing and creating your one, awesome, amazing, creator-based® life.

Life can and will be better

CMH Small Group Creator-based® Coaching will teach you how to create peace, strength, and hope as you live and progress on your unique, amazing journey.

  • Two small, curated group sessions a month – three to eight women chosen for you from similar circumstances, situations, and common goals.
  • Two amazing coaches that will gift you the tools and teaching, leaving you fed and ready to move forward.
  • Learning and synergy with friends that will support you in and out of the sessions.
  • Free 50/50 Girl Club Membership to keep you energized between sessions: more live training, other women to talk with, challenges, and inspiration 24/7
  • Your coaching sessions will accrue and never expire as long as your subscription is active.
  • Sessions are giftable (and more fun with friends or family!)
  • $139.00/month- an amazing value! One private session is easily more than that, and you get two sessions, group support, and the 50/50 Girl’s Club as well!
  • It’s compassionate, mindful support all month long.

Less stress.  Less chaos.  Less crazy.

 More confidence. More peace. More hope.

Let’s create a successful life together.

I am succeeding!