The Power of Imagery and Mindful Creation

Imagery and mindful creation are the beginning of creating anything in your life.  First, it comes as an idea or impression.  Then you allow it to develop and spend time with the idea, imagining and building it in your mind’s eye and your heart.  Ultimately you begin to physically create.

In Creator-based® Coaching, we consider the 4 R’s when we work through things we want to change.  These can be done as you help a friend, family member, or for yourself while you journal and work through challenges with self-coaching.

They are

  1. Respond: We affirm the challenge with compassion & support.  We validate the worthiness of this circumstance for attention and affirm that it’s important.

  2. Reframe with compassion: We run through a fearless inventory of the issue. What went well? What can be improved upon?  Always remembering the Heroes Mantra of ‘I can and I will.’  You are a child of a Creator! Of course, you can, and your abilities assure that you will.

  3. Reimagine with mindfulness.  This is where we can really see the benefit of imagery and mindful creation.  We have seen the physical creation of this challenge.  Can we see the spiritual beginnings of it? Can we see the steps that lead to its physical manifestation? What might we do differently in the future? We can brainstorm ideas and begin the mindful creation process again with a new set of parameters and a mindful goal.

  4. ReCreate with hope. Finally, we put our ideas and plan into action, taking the necessary steps and changing to

    • See it

    • Plan it

    • Do it

    • Always remembering the Heroes Mantra, “I can and I will.”

This week, try out the 4 R’s in your Creation Process.  We will be practicing them more in the future.