Backwards Laws

Gerrit W. Gong says we can measure our success primarily by our commitment to help.  I love that because I am not particularly perfect in my progression.  I tend to be in the messy middle a lot and spend much time not feeling successful.  What I am, though, is persistent.  And I persistently want to help.  By Elder Gong’s measure, I am tremendously successful.  (A little messy and muddy, but nevertheless, successful.)

One of the important life lessons I have had is the introduction of backward laws.  These are laws that appear incomprehensible through natural eyes but make perfect sense through the eye of our Creator.

One of the earliest backwards laws I learned, and still one of my favorites, is to slow down to get more done.  Last week we talked about presence and choosing not to strive but instead to consistently, compassionately participate in Creative-centered change.  That implies slowness.  It brings to mind not a rushing river or even a babbling brook but the stillness and power of the Mississippi River in the summertime.  Deep at the bottom of the river, the strong current brings barges down to the Gulf.  Yet, with all that movement, there is slowness and ease that is undefinable.  To me, that is the epitome of slowing down to get more done.

When the power comes from our depths, from the core of what really matters to us, the drive is powerful yet soft.  It is not a surface frantic push but is instead a deep inner knowing.  Slowing down allows us to engage in real progress.  Things grow organically and as they should be.  The orchestration of the Universe sings beauty into being.  Slowing down and appreciating the progress as it comes is incredibly powerful- but backwards to our native thinking.

Another thought as we move into the coming holiday season or work with challenges in our families and workplace.  I learned this one from my friend Jody Moore.  There are no difficult people.  There is only how we choose to think about someone.  It’s backward in the sense that you would think that a person is a way she is or isn’t.  But really, it’s all a matter of the lens or filter through which you see things that day.

Weird, right?

Backwards laws are like that.

The reflection of a person is much like the reflection of mirrors in a fun house.  It’s all about how you perceive the tilt at the time.  There really are no difficult people- just the way we choose to perceive them.  Should we have boundaries? Of course.  Keep yourself safe, nurtured, and nourished.  But consider well your own filters before you judge someone with them.  We tend to see imperfections in others because we judge them in ourselves.  That’s a telling experiment all on its own!

As children of a Creator, we are destined to create all kinds of things- beliefs, thoughts, judgments, good, bad, ugly, or delightful.  We are junior apprentices learning by creating thoughts and emotions.  As we do well, we will move along in our education.  We have all the time we need to practice.  This week, let’s find our backward laws and notice our filters.  What could you create with that?