October – Blessed
Week One

 ‘Your being is whole whether you solve your problems or not. 
 They’re just problems. 
Not you.’ 
Mark Nepo

Welcome to Unit 10, Week One!

I love the quote by Mark Nepo because he reminds us that we are not our circumstances.  When our circumstances are not what we want, we often look for someone to rescue us.  We move into the role of a ‘victim of circumstance.’

Being a victim of circumstance is not a fun role to fill.

We feel powerless, quite often angry or humiliated, and generally unhappy.

Consider this: What if you were, instead, a partner with your Creator within your circumstances?

What could your circumstance be called then, as you look to your Creator for grace instead of feeling frustrated /waiting/hoping for the circumstance to change? Would you then be a ‘Creator within Circumstance?’

My affirmation this month has been

 ‘I intend to be able to look beyond the challenge and see my Creator, 

and know Him and His ways better.’  

I have a visual in my mind when I say it.  I see myself on a little higher plain than my challenge, looking over the top of the challenge, my eyes focused on my Creator, watching, learning, and imitating His ways. (Imitation is the highest compliment, right?).  It has been powerful for me to be apprenticed with Him and actively learn to look past the circumstance to the things that it provides for me.

‘Difficult’ things, ‘difficult’ people, are only difficult because it’s the label we give them, much like Mark Nepo teaches us that you are whole whether you solve your problems or not.

‘Today you are you; it is truer than true; there’s no one on earth that is your than you!’ says Dr. Suess in celebration of circumstances and who we are.  We are whole beings, blessed beyond measure to live in a time when we are comfortable, learning from everything, and free to choose our response in any circumstance.  Will you be a ‘Victim of Circumstance’ or a ‘Creator within Circumstance?’

As we look at ourselves as creators within a circumstance, the car repairs, the mess from the kids, or the hot weather take on a different perspective.  Now they are,

What will I learn from this?

How will I use this for my learning and good?

What is the lesson here?

As you move through this first week, maybe take a few minutes in Imagery and practice seeing your Creator past your circumstance, showing and teaching you your place within it, and giving you insights into your learning.  Have an amazing week!