Let’s talk about living with the expression of “enough.”

If you truly knew that everything in your life would be okay, that there would always be enough love,
enough hope, enough comfort, how would that change the way you live this day?
Would you live in more gratitude, happy anticipation of the future and personal power?
That’s what the expression of enough looks like.

Miriam Webster dictionary offers the following definition of enough:
– ‘in or to a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction: sufficiently.’

Do you see the word sufficient again? That unlimited abundance? The thing that is missing with sufficiency to morph it into enoughness is satisfaction. Choosing satisfaction will transform any situation into enough. What recent experiences have you had where you felt the peace of satisfaction? Make a list in your journal. It immediately leads to gratitude.

One of the foundation principles in this unit is that collaboration creates prosperity. Remember that phrase two heads are better than one? Yup, that collaboration. Who has your Creator placed in your life at this point in time to partner with in collaboration? Add that to the list in your journal; the gifts of your personal collaborators. Notice how blessed you are. Notice how supercharged those relationships can be and the amazing productivity produced through that collaboration.

You might add to the list the things you have noticed that have come from that association.

As I think of my marital partnership, I am blown away by what that collaboration has produced. It’s been more than 40 years, I’ll grant you, but still- when one begins to look back at the prosperity in all its forms that have been created in this collaborative relationship, it can be downright astounding. Make your list. I’m sure you have many with whom you have had a collaborative relationship- teachers, coworkers, those you have served within your community or at school, people with a common cause that have been brought into your life to bring good into the world through a partnership.

The most important collaboration I have is the one with my Creator. I am humbled to think that He would descend to my level and partner with me, but He doesevery day. That’s a collaboration worth keeping! What about you? What are your most productive collaborations? Are there some that need nurturing? Are there some that could be ended? Write it down- journal your blessings, learnings and plans. There is power in “enough.”