Scarcity is a Myth

‘There is enough and to spare.

Scarcity is a myth.  I know there are many parts of you that want to disagree vehemently, but scarcity is a falsehood.  The earth has enough and to spare.  Think about it, would a wise, all-knowing creator create something that would not care for and serve His children? No.

Scarcity is a manufactured myth.  No matter who we are or what our circumstances we swim in conversations of what there isn’t enough of.  Think about your last few days.  How often did you hear there was not enough time, someone hadn’t gotten enough sleep, they couldn’t give attention to something, a concern of not getting the love needed, worry or complaining?  The world celebrates a reverie of lack.  That is not our Creator’s way.  Nor does it have to be our way.

Before we move into abundance, it can be helpful to address the thoughts and beliefs that fuel the idea of scarcity.  Most often, the root is, “There is not going to be enough for me.”  Whether it’s cookies or money, there is that worry.  Consider your roots.  Where do you feel lack?

What if you KNEW that you would be okay no matter what?  What if you truly understood sufficiency? What then? Well, then you could let go of scarcity and move forward in compassionate mindfulness and hope.  You will not be saying, ‘if this happens’ anymore.  You will be able to give your full attention to turning that “if” into ‘how’ it will happen.

Take some time this week and play with the idea that you are thoroughly cared for and protected, that there is enough and to spare.  Consider the fact that you are enough and to spare. When you look at the future, turn your ‘if’s’ into ‘hows.’  Write down what you learn to cement it in your faith.  Please share with us on the 50/50 Girl page what you learn.

When you truly believe and look for “how,” you can make a difference with what you have, what you have will expand.  Watch and see!