Are you a Consumer or a Creator? Stories in my Head

Throughout life, we are all consumers and creators at one time or another. Just like the shift between victim and creator happens frequently throughout our days, we must also alternately create and consume. However; challenges may come with our mindset, or the stories we have created about the consumer process.

As I have been growing and learning in life, I have always had sufficient for my needs. I have been blessed to never go hungry, without a home, or without someone for support. I may have thought I didn’t have what I needed, like those amazing boots at the mall, but in fact, that was a story I created and opted into. My delightfully long life has been sufficient.

However; my root definition of sufficient was disrupted when I read Lynn Twist’s book on The Soul of Money. Curiosity piqued, I paused and searched for synonyms and definitions of this amazing word. It is indeed a powerful word. Synonyms for sufficient are: ample, abundant, satisfying, generous, enough, comfortable, bountiful, aplenty, and unlimited.

Is that what you thought sufficient meant? To me, it always had an element of grating, scraping, or lack. Just enough, but not enough to truly be comfortable. That was my story. Now, with the help of my Creator, I see otherwise, and that story is shifting.

Regardless of the story I was telling myself, I have always had enough and to spare. I may not have thought that. I mean, look at those amazing boots…. As a result of those thoughts, emotions were created. Nonetheless, the truth was, I had sufficient for my

Have you? Understanding that the synonyms for sufficient are ample, abundant, satisfying, generous, enough, comfortable, bountiful, aplenty, and unlimited, is there a part of you that believes there’s not enough for her? I know there is for me. I consider that a condition of being human.

Our brain is in charge of keeping us safe and fed. They are amazing at keeping an eye out for bears and other threats. Our brain signals are always scanning for the possibility of insufficiency, working hard to protect and preserve our physical body.

Learned and inherited traits also contribute to the feeling of sufficiency. That’s where thought work and energy release like mindfulness with a goal, or Creator-based® Clearing can be helpful. They clean up the old thought patterns and beliefs and make it much easier to see what is real.

What does it mean to you to have sufficient for your needs? Write about it for a while. I bet you will see that you, too, have an ample, abundant, satisfying, generous, enough, comfortable, bountiful, aplenty, and unlimited life. Clear up those stories and see things as they really are- Abundant! And that, my friend, makes the shift from consumer to creator quite comfortable!