Boundaries, Guidewires & Guidelines

Congratulations on a month of feeling, curiously examining, and befriending all the parts of you. You have established guidelines in your life, supported them with rules to create guidewires, and mapped your soul blueprint. You are amazing, or should I say INCREDIBLE?

This week we are going to integrate the learning with your sense of style. Some of us are extroverted talkers, others are introverted learners, and many fall in between. What does that mean for guidelines, guidewires, and boundaries? However, it means you are led to accomplish these steps in the right way for you. We are different by design.

Creating your incredible life and embracing the 50/50 lifestyle requires tons of love and acceptance for every part of you. Your Creator made you Emotions and parts are all part of day to day life! Embrace them all. to be the unique individual you are deliberately and with great care. You are made for a specific purpose and have come to perform a great work. You are custom designed with your life mission in mind.

Now, now, now you’re saying to me, not me. I’m nobody special. But you are. You are essential to those who love you, and it is no coincidence that you are in this particular place with these particular people. This is your Creator’s intelligent design.

Embrace it. Do the work. You are chosen and prepared to do specific and essential work in the world. The person you smile to on the street needs that smile. The Facebook comment of encouragement you make creates light unlike anyone else’s. Your guidelines, wires, and boundaries, established with your Creator, are invaluable to this world. We never see it until its time. You just have to trust me on this. Watch the orchestra play, and you will see the divine unfolding in the music of your life.

Embrace the incredible value of you. Take the time to develop your life guides, those lines you will not cross. Then, set about the process of living them through the myriad decisions and rules you make for yourself. The world needs you.

Witness, listen to, and nourish every part of yourself, trusting the order in which they appear. Your Creator knows that grand plan, and you can depend on the orchestration and guidance you receive from Him.

I would love to hear your plans and the learning that stands out for you. Feel free to contact me personally to chat through my email at

Remember- above all, you are welcomed, wanted and deeply loved. Live that love and let it change and create your one, awesome, amazing, incredible, perfect life!