The Doctrines of Willingness and Trust

‘The Mindful Path; the quality of being in the now, a sense of freedom, perspective, being connected, not judging, or flowing through the day.’ Christopher Germer

Willingness as a mindfulness principle

Willingness is everything. If you have ever had the opportunity to see a baby learn to walk, you will understand this. In many cases, this new little being has been on the earth for less than a year. His only experiences have been relatively local and with a tiny group of people most of the time. Yet, despite his limited experience, he is willing to try something perceivably impossible. He is willing to stand up.

Just a few short months ago, he could do nothing but lay on his back a cry, eat or sleep. Where did he get the idea to sit, crawl, and now, the audacity to stand and walk? And more significant yet, how can he fall repeatedly and still get up and try again? Willingness.

Willingness is a foundational gift in growth. I believe that’s part of the reason babies learn so quickly. They don’t have shame, humiliation, or other damaging experiences from which they have formed beliefs and thoughts about their abilities, safety, or validity in this universe. They are willing and trusting.

A babe in arms will often look at you and smile and delight to be alive. Likewise, they are open to and willing to trust that only good awaits them around every corner. We can learn a lot from children. What would your day look like if tomorrow morning you awoke and went through the opportunities offered you in complete willingness and trust? Try it. It will astound you! Willingness is everything.


Scarcity or abundance? Expectations, and why.

Let’s talk about trust. That’s a big one. Comfortingly, trust is built in baby steps. Baby steps to willingness. Baby steps to the bare minimum faith required to take one small act. Baby steps in faith to action. Baby actions were repeated and observed. Baby steps in course corrections. Baby steps in getting up when we get knocked down. Baby steps reveling in the results that we created through our actions.

All of those baby steps began with trust. Trust, confidence, faith, assurance- they are all believing. An expectation that only good awaits me around every corner or that whatever is coming is in my best interest. That is a very abundant outlook on life, right? What’s your view?

My outlook varies from moment to moment, but I seek to create and embrace abundance through the thoughts I bring into being as a creative practice. That requires a level of awareness of what’s happening in my mind and heart that varies. Still, that part is not nearly as important as being willing to keep trying and choosing to be aware of my thoughts, my body sensations, and emotions. Some days are better than others. Some are awful. It’s that whole 50/50 thing.

The bottom line comes back to recognizing your ability repeatedly and choosing to sit in the Creator’s lovely wingback chair instead of the Victim’s hovel. What are your expectations? And of course…why?


Creator-based Courage and assuring your inner scaredy-cat/self-coaching

With all of the pieces in place, you are ready to practice self-coaching. There is an element of CB®Courage involved here, but girlfriend, you’ve got this.

In this first quarter, we have learned and can now access and apply:

The 5 Principles of Creator-based® Coaching
○ The BFF Practice
○ TED and the ability and practice of acting as a Creator instead of a Victim.
○ Training in being a Noticer
○ Aroma Resets and the gift of plant oils
○ And now, learning to discern personal truth.

So, my friend, what will you do with these tools to coach yourself?

Write about it:
○ What is your favorite tool so far? Why?
○ What would your coaching practice look like?

○ Create 3-5 steps you might choose to follow. 
○ Write them down in a place where you will be reminded of them regularly. 
○ Memorize them to draw on in time of need. 

Let’s talk about your self-coaching practice on the forum or in our next Creation Meeting. It will take time to develop, but you’re up for it. I’m here to help- just ask. 🙂