The Doctrines of Creation and Love

Creation should probably have been covered last week with the Doctrine of Change because Creation is a natural outgrowth of change. You are constantly creating, even if you’re not conscious of it. You create carbon dioxide with every breath; you create ripples in the air with each movement you make. Those ripples join with others and become the wind in far distant parts of the world.

You create light as you love and serve and darkness when you indulge in selfishness and irritation. You can’t help it. You are creating every moment of every day. You were born a creator within the movement and change of the world. Let’s look at your creation practice- set aside some quiet, alone time, open your heart, and write to the following:

Whom do you impact?

Start with family, friends, community members, coworkers, strangers on the street, other drivers; the web expands outward to the folks who made your laptop, your clothes, grew your food, and all of the impacts of the associated world.

What are you currently creating within each of those circles?

Whom will you strive to affect within your circle next, and how?

Create a concrete plan of action- but only choose one person to affect.
You have an entire lifetime to work on this creation process. Baby steps, Bob. 🙂

Love has the power to move all things.

Love is a powerful energy. Light emanates from every space that love inhabits. It is unstoppable. Try it- walk into a dark room, flip on a light switch. What happens? Duh! The room becomes light. Yeah, I know it’s essential, but this doctrine is irrefutable- darkness cannot be where light is. Before the dawn of electricity, each new day came bright and clear, driving out the night. Where love is, there is light. Where light is, there can be no darkness.

Love always creates light in both the creator and the receiver. You have felt how your heart brightens each time you lovingly do something. Hopefully, you have had the experience of being loved and feeling the glow that comes in that love- presently and in the afterglow of remembrance.

Love, light, and Creation are inseparably connected.

Now that you understand the power of love and light and your ability to create them utilizing the doctrine of change, are you willing to allow this newfound knowledge to work within you and help you rise to become the person you can become? All that is required is willingness. Allowing is true power. Allow the seed that has been planted to sprout within you. Nourish it as you will, it does need some care, but it’s relatively low maintenance.

Take a bit of time here or there to review, write and be still.
This will nourish the beginnings you have planted, and things will soon change for you.

You were born to love. You were born to bring light. Focusing your attention on anything serves as an expression of love. Think of it optimally, when I put down my phone and give you my full attention, I show my respect and love for you. Don’t you deserve to give that whole attention kind of love to yourself?

More to write about:

Are you willing to allow yourself to believe that you were born to bring love and light? Why?
Are you willing to embrace your role as a creator? Why?
Are you willing to spend a little time each day in quiet and write down what you experience? Why?
Are you willing to listen to and build a relationship with your Centered Self? Your Inner Knowing? Why?
Are you willing to embrace the truth you find and trust it? Why?
What small thing will you do regularly to invite more love and light into your life? Why?

Each of the writing prompts end with the question why because knowing why you are doing something turbocharges the power you have to do it. It’s such a tiny word with such a huge impact! You, my friend, will create unique and genuinely essential changes in this world. You were born a magnificent, loving Creator. Here’s to recognizing your worth and purpose, seeing the woman God has for you to become, and rising up and never being the same again!

If you haven’t seen the healing power of love yet, take a look at pages 89-90 in The Hidden Messages of Water. Dr. Emoto uses the word incantation in his description, but I like the word prayer. Use whatever word represents love to you. It is incredible the power our Creator has given us through love. We only need to learn from it and use it. Here’s to your Creator Practice!