March Week 1: The Doctrine of Truth

Welcome to the amazing month of March! This month we will discover the amazing gift of our ability to discern truth. As children of our Great Creator, we each carry within us a light of Inner Knowing. Some call it an inner pilot light, some the Light of Christ, some our Highest Self or Centered Self, but we all are endowed with this gift of awareness, discernment, and light.

You may recognize it as the little voice that tells you, “That’s not nice.” or “Reach out to that person and help.” It produces the inner yearning in our soul to connect to others, help in the world and give love. This gift also helps us identify and connect with our individual truth.

My body acts as an amplifier of the messages that help me discern in all I experience in this beautiful world. The feelings and sensations I experience through my body are communication to guide me in my thoughts and choices. When I am sad I feel weighed down through my back, shoulders, and chest. Often my chest aches. If I am unsure or things are wrong for me, my breath will shorten and my thoughts will begin to speed up. If I am happy my feet want to dance and my voice wants to sing. My body responds to energy in myriad ways.

This month’s reading will help each of us to recognize and learn our physical, specialized physical interpretations and gift of guidance of the world around us. Dr. Bradley Nelson, in his book The Emotion Code, offers an excellent explanation of how energy works in the universe. If you would rather watch than read, you can visit and sign up for their free beginner Emotion Code Course. When you share your email address with Discover Healing, they will give you access to 6 informative videos teaching about energy and how it is felt and affects the
body. It’s an easy ‘unsubscribe’ if you don’t want to continue to hear from them, but they are a great organization, and the course is exceptional.

Once you understand how energy works in the universe it’s time to consider how you experience the positive and negative energy around us. This week, take some time to practice the sway test.

When truth and goodness present themselves, most people can discern a marked sway forward. If you’re having a hard time feeling that sway you might consider other ways your body could respond to truth and falsehood. Some people feel a tightness or weight in their torso when confronted by something their body feels is not true. Some people feel like they need to move away from the situation. Others may develop a headache, agitation, or feel foggy and a little irritated. Truth, on the other hand often brings warm, open, vaguely familiar feelings in the body; a sense of ease or comfort may be experienced.

The worksheet this month will help you write about what your experience is like. Take time to write it out longhand with a pen and paper. This process slows our thoughts and makes it easier to sort and recognize what is happening inside of us.

Does your body act as an amplifier for you? Be still this week and listen with your heart. As you breathe, settle downwards and notice your breath move in through your nose and down into your chest. Let your body rest a moment and then allow it, at its leisure, to exhale out through your heart. What emotion does that elicit? Practice it a bit last thing at night as you go to sleep, and first thing as you awaken in the morning. Can you begin to “see” with your heart? Let’s practice and create the space and opportunity to see in this new, amazing way.