Forgiveness is the Ultimate Form of Self-Love

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” – Albert Einstein

Forgiveness is the ultimate form of self-love. Today we are addressing the power of words in leaning into discomfort and being spontaneous. When we choose our words, we are actually creating our lives. As you pursue your forgiveness and learning path this week, consider this:

Are you complaining against someone or something out loud or in your brain?

Your words have the power to create. Be aware of what you are creating with them.

To murmur means to complain or grumble. It is different from those words in one distinct way. Murmuring involves self-centeredness and/or an element of self-pity.

I am very familiar with pity parties. Perhaps you are too. We’ve had one too many things go wrong and pretty soon the difficulties take on a personal note and begin to feel like persecution. Here are a couple of murmur patterns you might recognize:

• Putting the perceived enemy in a bad light. It may be a person or a situation, but murmuring about it may look like a snowball of finding more things to dislike, telling others what you dislike, and justifying your anger. This can all snowball at an alarming rate, making you absolutely miserable!

• Here’s another one that might sound familiar: I want to go back to when I was happy. Have you ever found yourself playing the victim card of all these terrible things happened to me and I am simply at their mercy? Well, my friend, as a creator, that is simply not true. Murmuring can also be a pattern of blaming discomfort on something (or someone) outside of ourselves.

• Sometimes Murmuring can be created from fear. Fear is such a powerless thing to feel that we may shift to anger as a protection against the helpless feelings of powerlessness. During your quiet time this week, visit with your heart and mind, asking, ‘Could this murmuring come from fear? What am I afraid of here? Is it true or simply a thought?”

Now, of course, I wouldn’t leave you without a few solution Ideas. Try on these thoughts and see how you feel while using them. As always, if you like them, keep them. You might even take time to answer them. Put them right there at the top of the thought pool.

• What do I like about where I am right now?
• What feels good? When did I feel good in an interaction or a result?
• What can I learn from what’s good and what I like that I could repeat or build on?
• What makes my heart sing? What is my “heart song”?

As you work on your forgiveness to freedom road, leaning into discomfort and being especially merciful with yourself, consider eliminating one murmur pattern this week. Replace it with another good thought.

• People love me.
• I have a whole community of support.
• I know that only good is coming to me around every corner. (Thank you, Louise Hay)
• Life is here to please and astound me.

Have you forgotten who you are and what your object is?

You were created for JOY.

Roll all of the months learning together,
lean into discomfort,
be soft,
choose to forgive and find that joy!