Creating with Hope

After a week of journaling, visualizing, and clearing roadblocks to your life path, you are ready to begin creating something new. This week we will talk about techniques for creating with hope.

Hope is a dynamic emotion.  It brings optimism, passion, and forward momentum.  It is the perfect emotional catalyst for creation.   Hope is powerful!

When we are clearing old thoughts and beliefs, we often churn up old dirt from our life.  It’s very much like pulling weeds in the garden. I know you’ve gotten all hot and sweaty pulling weeds at least once.  You come in gritty and hopefully satisfied after unrooting invaders from your flower or vegetable beds.

Once your rows have been weeded, you may notice that the soil is nicely turned over and begging for new seeds or young plants.  There is room for new growth.  The same is true when you release and clear old beliefs and patterns.  When the negative thoughts are gone, the soil of your subconscious mind is ready for new, seedling thoughts to be set into the rich beds of your mind and established with the fertilizer and nourishing moisture of repetition, scent, and love. Allow me to explain.

When we set and establish a new belief, we visualize with the help of our Creator, asking that the new thought or belief be set in the new, rich, open soil of our mind.  We place the new thought in that rich soil and then fertilize it by practicing the idea frequently.  You could put reminders on your phone, a Post-it on your mirror, or a message on your fridge.  You want to see and practice the new belief often for the first week or two.  The more you practice, the more your mind will believe it.

Louise Hay believed that looking yourself in the eye in the mirror while vocalizing a new belief would powerfully set and establish new ideas and thought processes.  I’ve tried it and found that she is absolutely right.  Be ready for some emotion, however!

As you may remember, using essential oil to calm the amygdala in your brain and open your sensory receptors is very helpful in creating new thought patterns.  A power pose used in conjunction with the oil can supercharge the rooting of the new thought.  Again, practice is essential.  With oils and a power pose, you can confidently and vocally state your new belief 3 or 4 times in the morning and evening for three days and have an excellent beginning for your subconscious mind.  Your thought will have been nurtured and taken root in just that short time. (Review the process in the AFT section of our May studies).


Other great ways to Create with Hope:

  • When-thens
  • Habit Stacks
  • The Daily Practice of What Went Well?
  • The What’s Working Personal Inventory

If you have questions on any of these, watch the Creation Meeting Recording for this month.  They are covered in more detail there.

Try one of these techniques this week.  Get your journal, decide what you’d like to create, and go for it! You’ll be glad you did.