Mindfully Clearing Your Roadblocks

– it’s all about visualizing!

This month is simply overflowing with things to think about and work with.  Don’t feel obliged to do it all.  Come back again and again and deepen your practice in mindfully clearing.

For this week, read through the document and see what calls to you.  Choose one of two and do those.

  • Journal: Identifying Sabotage and Roadblocks

    • How might you be vulnerable to sabotage & Roadblocks?

    • What are 3 personal desires that you are not currently pursuing?   Why?

    • Look back: What has stopped you from achieving a goal in the past?

  • Practicing Mindful Self-Compassion and Clearing Imagery

    • Creating your sacred place meditation is listed on the Learning Page for July

    • Your Peak Performance Visualization is on the forum in the Creation Meeting Recording for July

  • Self-Clearing and Personal Release Technique

    • Following the steps to release with essential oils (AFT is in May)

    • Hearing the ‘still, small voice’ of self-direction; an ‘audible feeling.’

      • We are all gifted with an internal compass.  As you come into your sacred space and quiet your external voices more often, you will be able to sense an audible feeling of self-direction in the stillness.  It is not a loud voice, or a strong voice, however, it is powerful.  It is often small and still, almost like it comes from behind your heart. If you are quiet and listen, you will feel it more than hear it.  It’s an audible feeling.  The more you practice listening the easier it is to hear.

  • Thought work questions for the week:

    • What if you could feel exactly like you want to feel when you “get there” right now?

    • What would that feel like?

    • Where would you feel it in your body?

    • What thoughts would you be thinking?

    • Can you think that now? Why or why not?

    • If you were thinking that now, would it help you “get there”?