The Creator-based® Model to Living Your Life Purpose

There are three principles to CMH Coaching.  They are represented by the letters C-M-H in the business title.  

C stands for Compassion.

M stands for Mindfulness

H stands for Hope.

In the Creator-based® Model to Living your Life Purpose, those three words, compassion, mindfulness, and hope, provide the framework for the three steps of creating your one, awesome, amazing life.  This month we will be working on creating a life that fulfills our purpose, so let’s talk about each step.  

Step One- Coaching with Compassion.  

Compassion is understanding, kindness, tenderness, and care.   At its root is love.  

You can’t love anyone else any better than you love yourself.  Your capacity to love is as big as your ability for self-love, so girlfriend, let’s get started with some self-compassion, shall we?

Have you ever noticed that the things that bother you the most in others are the things your inner critic is always harping at you about? It’s true.  The things you are most critical of within yourself will be what you see yourself complaining about most in others.  The key to clearing that up is to work on some self-love and some very kind and understanding self-talk.

Last month we worked on living in our centered, calm, confident, courageous, compassionate selves more often.  Our centered self could then counsel and comfort the parts of ourselves that may have had painful or difficult experiences in our past.  You may have found that as you helped your parts, you felt more peaceful or content.  That was most likely because you comforted your inner critic, so she felt like she didn’t have to work as hard to protect you.  

Loving-kindness, acceptance, and curiosity when you struggle are all ways you can support and build a love for yourself and increase your ability to love others.  This week practice extending loving thoughts to yourself just like you would a small child or a best friend.  It makes life brighter and hopeful.

Louise Hay is the mother of self-love.  Her book Heal Your Body asserts that our thoughts and beliefs can create illness in our bodies.  Bruce Lipton, the father of epigenetics, proved that the environment in which a cell develops has a tremendous influence on its physical development and that our DNA patterns can be changed through thoughts and behaviors.  And, of course, you remember Masuro Emoto’s experiments with the effects of thoughts and words on water crystals from last month.  It all adds up to one thing; love your neighbor as yourself, and that means loving yourself is crucial to your mental, physical and spiritual health. (Can you imagine treating your “neighbor” the way your inner critic sometimes treats you?)Compassion is key.  It is the foundation of all the work you will do creating your life. 

Step Two- Clearing Mindfully

When you have filled your cup to the brim and feel well-loved, it’s the opposite of being afraid, isn’t it?  There is comfort there and a security that allows you to slow down and see things you had previously overlooked in your haste for personal, albeit spiritual or mental safety.

You can take a deep breath, settle into your space, hear the birds sing, and notice the sweet dandelion blooming in the sidewalk crack.   Life looks so good when couched in love.  That, my friend, is mindfulness.  Mindfulness is simply a Noticer practice.

Remember Andy Andrew’s book, The Noticer? The main character, Jones, moved comfortably through life- neither fast nor slow- observing and spiritually listening, in flow with his Creator so that he would be cognizant of the role he was to play in the world.  That kind of mindfulness is one of our best examples.  If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s perfect for a quick, summertime reading and powerful.  Go back and look at it in the light of being mindful.

There are many tools available when you want to eliminate an obstacle that has been troubling you, whether it’s eating late at night or grumbling about a friend’s timeliness.  Coming into a mindful place is a helpful first step.  Observing your breath, centering yourself in it, settling into your chair, and feeling the support that is always there for you; these are the first steps to clearing mindfully.

Of course, we also have other tools for clearing; we can use Inner Imagery in this mindful space, self-healing mediations, work with the Aroma Freedom Technique and the power of scent, or quietly go into our sacred spiritual mind’s eye and approach the obstacles there.  Mindful clearing is a powerful tool for removing the roadblocks in your one, awesome, amazing life.

Step three- Creating with Hope

Once an obstacle is removed, it’s as if someone rolled up a dark window shade so the sunshine can pour in!  That mote or beam blocked so much light, and we didn’t even notice it until now!  With the outpouring of light into our space, hope surges, and we naturally open, ready to create our next step. It’s a beautiful process.

Many, many creation tools are accessible to you in the hope state.  We will discuss more of them as we proceed through the month and for the rest of our time together.  The following tools may be familiar to you from previous units:  Journaling, thought dumps, T.E.D., A.F.T., Emotion Code, Self-hypnosis, Inner Imagery, creating guide lines and their accompanying guide wires.  

I bet you can list even more!  

When we are in a hope state, our mind is most often connected to our Creator, and the communication lines are open.  That’s the time to have your journal ready to capture the thoughts coming your way.   As the ideas flow, our creative juices abound, and life begins to get exciting again.  As a 50/50 girl, that’s one of my favorite places to be.  We learn and need the rain, but oh, that sunshine feels so good.  Bring on the hope!  Let’s Create Together.