January Week 3: All Things are Created

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


Remember week one and the trip to the ‘Buffet we call Life’? If not, it’s just a few posts back, go back and take a look. We will talk more about the buffet this week. (just a reminder- all of my pronouns are the same generic he- meaning all of us.)As you peruse that abundance we call our ‘One Trip to the Buffet’, let’s take a moment to appreciate the buffet extravaganza before us. Someone worked hard to braise and roast that prime rib to perfection just for you. To create the delectable cheesecake before you today, early in his life your pastry chef recognized this as something he loved to do. With that love on his heart, he chose his path, did the hard work of study in culinary arts, apprenticed with a master, and practiced.  
Our chef then took the personal risk of putting himself out there, and finding an employer or creating his own business. After years of study and time, he ultimately created this exquisite cheesecake, a fruit of his lifetime love and labor- for you. That’s a lot of work, risk, time and effort for your dessert. But that’s what creation is all about.
Everything is created. We have, over the course of time, created the life we are currently leading. Yes, we are a part of the larger whole. Our circumstances are dictated in some measure by that whole, but we choose to create within the unique circumstance of our one, amazing life. For a moment, step back and take a look at your creation. Are you pleased with it? Is it, like mine, a little rough around the edges? Paint chipped in places? Dented and scratched, maybe entire sections started, stuff hangin’ out there, not yet finished? Good! That means you have an easy place to begin! Let’s create!
Our world was created by an infinitely intelligent, omnipotent Creator. All things were created in His infinite consciousness before any truly physical work was done. In other words, He created all things spiritually first. He thought it before He spoke it.  As He spoke it, He created it.
Since we are made in the image of our Creator, we can grow, improve and become as He is. As such, we choose to practice being ‘junior apprentices’, if you will. We choose to work beside Him each day. We yoke with Him; watching, learning and following the way He does things. Do you have experience with this? 
Perhaps, when you were a child, you watched your Father shave in the mornings. Perhaps you even practiced being like him. You pretended you were shaving, stretching your mouth into the same contortions he did. You made your swift, precise swipes up your chin and neck. You just wanted to be like Him.
For better or worse, we all apprentice under our parents. Their strengths and flaws are perfect teachers for us, providing the framework within which we build our lives. We are born creators.
Let’s try an experiment in creation. Just for a moment, think about a feeling you would like to feel. Let’s say it’s happiness. I like to feel happy. With just a bit of effort, you can create a happy, little feeling. 
Start by choosing a memory that is pleasant to you. Perhaps it’s a beach walk, a sweet moment as a child, a conquest, maybe it’s a well earned rest. But, lock onto that memory and develop it. Use all of your senses. 
The beach is my happy place- I choose that. Feel the ocean breeze against your skin, the warmth of the sun on your face and hear the lapping sound of the waves as they caress the sand. What emotion did you just create? Was it happiness? Peace? Victory? You did that. You created that feeling for yourself with the thoughts you chose to think. You are a born creator!
Out thoughts are infinitely powerful. The writer of Proverbs stated “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius concluded, “We become what we think about.” You create what you think. 
I have a little shortcut for you to help you utilize the power of thought to create your one, awesome, amazing, perfect life.  Choose the thoughts you will think. Just like you generated that feeling of happiness, conquest or peace, a moment ago, you can create other emotions that will motivate. You can spur yourself towards the desired actions and results you would like to have in your life. It’s an art form that takes a lifetime to perfect, but like any art, it is worth the practice, for the rewards are truly great.
This week, practice creating emotions with your thoughts. Maybe while sitting at a stop light, at a pit stop or standing in line, take the time and generate a happy thought like you did just now. Set a goal of at least once a day, but 3 times is best. Check in below and let me know how it’s going for you!
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