January Week 2: The Gospel of Truth

Some time ago I was studying, as many of you were, the Come Follow Me lesson in Doctrine and Covenants 27. Paralleling Ephesians 6, I enjoyed learning about putting on the whole armor of God. Individual pieces of armor are cited- the loins are girded about with truth, a breastplate of righteousness, the feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, a helmet of salvation and finally, we are to carry the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

A few things stood out that are significant to us as active Creator-based Coaching® learners.

In D&C 27 we are told to have our loins gird about with truth. What are our loins? I have long associated our loins with chastity and moral virtue- and not a little guilt. I mean, we have to be “good girls” right? The whole thing makes me shake my head, but I digress. Our loins are the place in the body that house our vital organs. Here our reproductive organs are nurtured, carefully nestled and protected. 

From the Proclamation on the Family we know that we are children of Heavenly Parents. Who are our Heavenly parents? We know that we have both a father and a mother in Heaven. What do they do? They create things. They are creators who have created us in their image.

In this earthly body our loins create things.  Our loins are our creative center. We create bodies and house the souls that come from our Heavenly Parents. Of course we would want to protect those! They are the core of our creative abilities. 

Why truth though? Why not strength, power or another protective trait? Why should our loins be girded about with truth? 

With our loins girded about with the Gospel of Truth, we are ready to understand the truth of who we are. We are creators. That plain and precious truth is much lost in today’s world. We are not agents to be acted upon- like the rocks and the trees or your laptop. We are not victims of circumstance. We are Creators. We are the creators of our lives, our families, our choices- we are the creators of our world.

Let’s play with the word creator a little bit. All things were created by God. Often, we identify and exclusively feel like we are ‘the created’. We feel a little less powerful. But sisters, we are Creators with a capital C, in the image of our Heavenly Parents- much like our Heavenly Father and the Creator, Jesus Christ. 

To understand that truth and to have a true knowledge of who we are as creators is powerful. Once we internalize and make it a part of us- to our very center and core, we will rise up and never be the same.The knowledge of your role as a Creator will protect you against the wiles of the adversary, and the fiery dirts of the wicked. It says so- right there in the scriptures.

Satan and his minions will never create anything. Think of that! You are powerful. You can create your world. You have nothing to fear. 

Last week we created a list of possibilities. This week we will focus on internalizing and understanding our role as Creators. I urge you to pray and ask for confirmation of this eternal truth in your own life this week. Share your newly gained testimonies. 

Juliet’s School of Possibilities by Laura Vanderkam is an eye opening look at living a creative life. It’s a little book- a nice short read. It is recommended for class this week. You can read or listen to it in just over an hour.

Let’s open the door to our creative juices with a discussion here. Questions? Comments? Insights and Inspirations? Ideas to share from your list? Let’s go! We’re here to learn from one another and gain skills as individual life Creator-based® Coaches. 


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