Staying with Your Foundation Principles & Course Corrections

How’s it going with NVC practice? Have you had some good experiences and some challenges in applying the 4 steps? Remember, the flow of Compassionate Communication where compassion manifests naturally comes from Heartsight- a state of presence and love and hearing/seeing from the heart..

As you continue to practice coming into the loving place this week, make a goal to have one conversation each day using Compassionate Communication. If you have time, journal about your experience before bed. Seriously, this is worth it. Compassionate Communication changes everything.

If you could see the person you are destined to become, you will rise up and never be the same again.

Let’s do a little writing activity. Pull out your journal and write a letter to your 16-year-old self. What were her worries and wants? What were her aspirations? Gleaning the wisdom you have acquired thus far in your life, what would you say to her? What counsel and help could you give? Write it all down, considering the fact that maybe she could get a glimpse of the person she will one day become through your eyes.

Then, write a second letter as if you were 20 years older than you are today. Write your worries and wants. Write your aspirations. Then, from your future self, give counsel and help. What wisdom can you receive from this future you? How does that change the way you will live this week?

Now- let’s talk about Course Corrections. You may remember that as an airplane travels from takeoff to destination, it is off course more than 90% of the time. The way it arrives safely is through a series of course corrections. They are nearly constant- much like our daily life mistakes and corrections. The pilot understands that this is normal and nothing to worry about- he simply corrects (or the autopilot does) and continues. What would it look like for you to simply correct and continue each day, understanding that this is a natural part of your journey to your destination?

As you write and course-correct this week, remember to use your compassionate communication both inside and out!