We were created by the Great Creator, who dearly wants us to become better creators. One of the most important things we will do while here is creating relationships, and communication is the foundation of any relationship. Nonviolent Communication, as taught by Marshall B. Rosenberg, can be a great help in creating the relationships we yearn for.

Nonviolent Communication involves four things:
1. Observe: Observing carefully- notice behaviors and conditions affecting us.
2. Identify: Identity and clearly articulate what we concretely want.
3. Express: Express in honesty and compassionate clarity.
4. Repeat for others: Observe and express what we interpret as felt and needed. (rather than choosing to diagnose and judge.)

Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, can also be referred to as Compassionate Communication. It involves all of the things we have learned so far this year: responding as a creator instead of a victim, having our personal foundation well established and noticing what is going well, and utilizing self-compassion. Meditation, as always, is a huge help.

NVC is a way of listening from the heart. It requires heartsight.
Heartsight is the gift of being able to hear and see with your heart.
Heart sight is fueled by two things- love and presence.

Heartsight is developed through a loving, mindful relationship with self and our Creator. As we are able to be compassionately present, mindful, and loving to ourselves and those around us, we feel quieter inside.
As our interior quiets and comes to a loving peace, we are more likely to hear with our hearts.

Heartsight is an important asset in learning Compassionate Communication or NVC. As you study Dr. Rosenberg’s book and practice compassionate listening to yourself and others this week, remain aware of the ‘sight in your heart.’ Use your spiritual eyes and your spiritual ears to observe and listen. Nurture and use heartsight as you practice the 4 steps of NVC.