Confident Connections Section 6

Hey friend,

Louise Hay used to say, I know what only good awaits me around every corner. The photo above brings me peace and reminds me of that.

Welcome back! Today we are talking about the FOMO Queen. I wrote a parable once about the Should Queen. The Fear of Missing Out Queen is very much like her.

We believe the inner critic part, the FOMO Queen is a compilation of all the times you felt left out, uncomfortable because you didn’t quite understand what was going on, or were just plain ignored.

Most of the time, she develops during our school-age years.

She might have felt confused about what was going on in the social scene or didn’t really understand the current cool slang words.

I mean, everyone wants to believe that they fit in and

feel that lovely comfort of community, right?

The FOMO queen never wants you to feel lonely and left out again.

She will remind you- maybe not with particular events, but with the beliefs created in those situations, that you’re not good at “that”.

Maybe she’ll say you don’t remember well, understand things or

have the style to do that…

Then she will try to get you all worked up, maybe even anxious and fearful.

Her intent is to drive you to do everything you can so you will not ‘miss out’

She believes that If you do it all, you’ll know it all, and

you’ll never have to feel lonely or left out again.

She has your best interest at heart, but she clearly does not understand reality.

The FOMO queen is often accompanied by Donna Doubt or Walter Worrier.

In general, she breeds fear of some kind to keep you from relaxing because to her relaxing = danger of not belonging; vigilance is required!

So how does one work with the FOMO Queen?

First, remember that she is part of you. Obviously, she is not your wise, calm center, but as a part, she simply wants to feel loved, safe and cared for.

What advice would you give an already overextended friend with a big fear of missing out?  What could you say or think to help yourself feel good right now?

Share that with your queen.

For me, it might sound like this:

I have a unique mission and life purpose.

I know who I am.

I am strong.

I am capable and compelling with or without this.

I have time to decide. I have all the time I need.

Who I am is perfect, right here, right now.

Solving the fear of missing out can return your life to peace and contentment.

Group Coaching can specifically help with this- check it out below.

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