The CMH in CMH Coaching for Life stands for

Compassion, Mindfulness, and Hope.

 Want to feel more loved? Practice Compassion.

Compassion was always a mystery to me.  I simply thought it was something I was not.  I was an outdoorsy, snake-collecting, put-myself-first kid and never really felt super connected to anyone, so compassion wasn’t something I associated with self.

Compassion is in us all.  It’s one of our innate Creator Gifts.  I know now that as we live life well, compassion naturally develops.  But did you know that you can actively create it?  Well, my friend, I am happy to testify that you can. You are the creator of your life experience.  You have within you light and truth- all the power you need to grow and progress.

You can create compassion!

Obviously, it’s best to have a starting point.  The Greater Good Science Center provides a helpful quiz at the bottom of this page. It offers excellent ideas, and you can take the quiz without needing to provide your email unless you wish to become a member. Just skip that part.  Your results will display right here- on this page once you click the submit link.

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