I have the seed of divinity within me. I am a creator.

Remember last week when we talked about storytelling/destructive pain and learning/growing pain?  I hope you enjoyed observing your thoughts from a curious, calm, centered space throughout the week.  It’s a beautiful, liberating thing to know and to have experienced that we can always choose the way we respond to our circumstances.


This week I want to review with you a very helpful model of perception created by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School.  She refers to it as “The Model” and it looks like this-




Jody Moore teaches with this model that your ’T’ or thought line will nearly always be the same as your ‘R’ or result line in life.  It’s an interesting principle to ponder.  It reminds me of he scripture, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


Let’s elaborate a little on the Model.  If you are looking for a more extensive explanation, check out Jody Moore’s book, Better than Happy.  I highly recommend it!


  • C– Circumstance- what actually happened.  Just the facts.  This statement of circumstance can be upheld in a court of law.

  • T– Thought- what we think of what happened

  • F– Feeling- The emotion generated in our body by the thought we had.

  • A– Action- The action that thought provoked

  • R– Result- What happened because of our chosen and carried-out action.


In our Creation Meeting this month, we will be playing with the model a little bit and running some scenarios.  It’s a fascinating and fun process.  I found that to begin with, it was easiest for me to do in a journal  Slowing down by writing longhand helped me sort the individual steps.


Write the steps down this week and see if you can fill out the CTFAR model a few times on some basic things that happen in your life, like making breakfast, going to the store, or having an easy conversation with a friend.  Doing some overly simple scenarios first will prime the pump and help you to figure out your thoughts-feelings-actions on the more complicated things in life.


A Point to Ponder- What you think of yourself is a reflection of what you think of the world- and what you think of the world and those around you is a reflection of the thoughts you have about yourself.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on that one.


Here are Dr. Dyer’s intentions to consider this week, or of course, create your own.  Try a new method to set, establish and nourish them.

It is my intention to appreciate and express the genius that I am.

It is my intention to optimize my capacity to heal and be healed.


I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the model and with your pondering on the forum! Have a great week!