I am successfully growing and becoming.

We are 50/50 Girls.  There is sunshine in my soul, and then things go sour.  It’s just the way of life.  The trick is how we perceive those shifts.  This week we will be talking about two different kinds of emotional discomfort or pain, Learning/Growing Pain and Storytelling pain.  It’s all about your approach.

The easiest way I know how to illustrate these two different kinds of pain is to remember when my boys were going through their active growing years.  They ate like they had no off switch, and it seemed like we bought them new shoes every month.  My oldest went from a size 8 to a size 13 in six months!  During that time, the boys were always stubbing their toes or banging into things.  Their brains simply hadn’t had time to adjust to their increased size.  Proprioception takes a bit of time to catch up during those active growth phases.

Sometimes we have spiritual growth spurts, and our emotional proprioception needs time to catch up as well.  But back to the boys-

Learning/growing adolescent boy pain in the situation of banging your foot into the cupboard base would look like this-

“Ouch! I stubbed my toe!”

Simple right? Learning/ growing pain is clean and without judgment.  It’s factual, and the statement would hold up in a court of law.  It’s just what is.

Storytelling pain is a whole nother matter.  It looks more like:

“Ouch! I am so clumsy! I stubbed my toe! What the heck?!?!”

It can be as complicated as our imagination allows- and is an intensely creative process.

This week as you move through your days, notice when you story tell and have discomfort because of it.  Notice if you have learning/growing moments of pain or discomfort and if you’re tempted to layer on them a story that justifies, blames, or otherwise creates drama.  It’s a fascinating thing to watch in ourselves.

No self-storytelling or self-judgment is allowed.  Just observe from your calm, curious, centered self.  It will be better than going to the movies! Let us know what you learn on the forum, k?

Here are the intentions to get you started this week in your practice.  Choose one or create your own, and try a new method to set, establish and nourish it from last week.  Let us know how it goes!

It is my intention to feel successful and attract abundance into my life.

It is my intention to live a stress-free, tranquil life. (this one always makes me smile)

It is my intention to attract divine relationships.

Have an awesome week!  And may all your thoughts be learning/growing thoughts.