I can find peace in every circumstance

I can create peace

What are emotions?

An emotion is a combination of chemicals that your body produces and will release to create a physical effect.  Emotions often feel like tightness or constriction.  They can also feel warm and expansive and give a sense of fullness or hollowness. We can feel emotions in any part of our body.  In fact, certain body parts are thought to create and store specific emotions!

Emotions are the body’s reaction to a thought we have as we perceive our circumstances.  The Very Well Mind defines emotions as “psychological states that include subjective, physiological, and behavioral elements.” Your perception can be affected by your physical status, created beliefs and habits, past experiences and judgments, and even your DNA and genetic predispositions.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ph.D., teaches that a thought will create an emotion, which, if held long enough, creates a mood.  If you hold on to that mood, it can become a temperament.  A temperament held long enough will become a personality trait.  That personality trait will eventually become your personal character.  Your character is the lens through which you perceive the world around you.

That’s why thoughts are so important! Are your thoughts serving you, or are you serving them?  Are your thoughts creating the kind of life you want to live?


This week we are working on creating our intentions.  Two of the roots for intention are the word intent, and the word intend.  

These can deepen our understanding of what an intention is. 

Intend: plan, purpose, aspire, expect, allow, want, wish, determine, desire, resolve, foresee, anticipate, hope, endeavor, envisage.

Intent: determined, resolved, set, committed. bound, decided, tenacious, resolute, steadfast, firm, purposeful, strong-minded


An intention is a goal, design, plan, purpose, target, or ambition.  Ideally, it comes from and is confirmed for you by your Creator.  Intentions aligned with the Creator will not fail.  They will always come to pass as you pursue them.


A few of the intentions you can consider this week from our book are:

It is my intention to live a life of purpose

It is my intention to be authentic and peaceful

I can find/create peace in every circumstance.

Or choose your own as you feel inspired.


There are many ways to set, establish and nourish an intention. Visualization, mirror work, meditation, and using your will and imagination (imagery) to banish doubt and see your intention with your eye of faith are all very effective.  Which way will you choose this week?


Questions? Ask on the forum, and I will be happy to elaborate!


P.S. Here’s the conundrum. Are we emotional beings having thoughts or thought-creating beings creating emotion?  Think about that.  I’d love to hear what you feel and think- maybe post it on the forum.