Welcome to Week 1 of Unit 8 ‘Passionate’

in what is sure to be an extra passionate August!

 Passion, are ya feeling it?  Wayne Dyer offers 7 Faces of intention:
creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, receptivity

This week’s thought:
It is my intention to respect myself at all times.

 If you are like me, August may not be your favorite month of the year.  In my home state of  Texas, it’s generally above one hundred degrees all month long, and the grass turns into a great mass of yellow and brown crunchy stuff.  (I do love that we don’t have to mow, though.). The heat is brutal on everyone and everything, and we have become accustomed to hibernating in August.  That doesn’t sound very passionate, does it?

Hibernating can get emotional- passionate even at any time of the year, with its accompanying closeness to your housemates and, quite frequently, summer colds and coughs.  But that’s not the kind of passion I seek.  So this month, we are going to be talking about embracing whatever your passionate emotions are and working with that passion and power to create what you want. Does that work with calling in a cold front? It is creating what I really want, after all.

One of the keys to identifying and experiencing our passion is the sensation we have in our bodies as we are experiencing strong emotions.  Your body is your best friend.  She is also your longest, closest friend.  She will be with you as long as you are here.  As such, she is a practiced communicator. 

 You may see your body’s communications as a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, a headache, a sweet, satisfying fullness around your heart, or energy that makes you want to jump up and down.  In each of these sensations, your best friend, your body, is speaking to you.  As you learn her language, you can harness the power of her long-time wisdom and knowledge and move forward with more ease and direction. 

 The first step to learning a new language is to listen to it- giving it respect and observing all you can with gratitude.  Do you know the Language Learning System called Rosetta Stone?  It uses an immersion technique to help you optimally absorb a second language.  You listen and listen and listen, repeating back what you hear.  Immersion is the fastest way to learn a new language, and Rosetta Stone has capitalized on that.

You, my friend, do not need Rosetta Stone to learn the language of your body.  You are, for better or for worse, completely immersed in it.  She has been talking to you since infancy.  What have you learned in your time with her?  Have you learned to embrace the communication she sends? Have you learned to ignore or push her request into the background?  Does she have to raise her voice to get you to pay attention?

Take good care of your bestie.  Listen to her with unconditional love.  She will serve you to the end of her days.  Listen to her signals with loving kindness and curiosity.  Stop and look at her when she speaks to you.  Give her your full attention.  Touch base with your Creator and ask for divine assistance in being present and understanding this amazing friend of yours.


Try it this week- be cognizant of your body’s signals- does your neck feel stiff? If so, 

  • pause, 

  • give gratitude that your body is talking to you, 

  • check in with your Creator and ask for an interpreter, 

  • listen in love and kindness, 

  • and see what you can learn.  

I bet you were feeling an emotion or having a thought stream that your body wants you to be aware of.  What is it?  


More to come next week, but for now, practice listening with your divine interpreter, patience, lovingly slowing down, and being kind. Learning all you can this week about the way your body communicates to you.